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About Us

19 years focus on buliding paint and wood coatings.

Shanghai Freemen Chemicals Co,.Ltd aims to be one of the leading global chemical suppliers by creating added value. We are committed to providing long term sustainable and competitive fine chemical products to the global and regional end-market customers through integrating resources.

Our Service Industry



    Fine Chemical: We offer a various of fine chemicals with competitive price and sustainable supply. We care about the quality of our products, we could provide various packing size to meet customer’s demand.


    Pharmaceutical: We provide selected advanced intermediates and API with our technical know-how and GMP manufacturing practice. We strictly follow the requirements on solvents and impurity control, to ensure the safety use of our procucts.


    Agrochemical: We offer a diverse portfolio to service local distributors with our more than 25 years experience in agrochemical industry. Our offer ranges from advanced intermediates to Active ingredients.


    We are ready to develop and toll manufacture some advanced specialties from kilo lab-scale to commerical production consistently and in long term basis. Our exsiting products have unique synthetic advantage by unitlizing optimized process or special raw materials. We continue to improve the cost and HSE standard everyday.

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  • Adress: Suite 22G, Shanghai Industrial Investment Bldg, 18 Caoxi Rd(N), Shanghai 200030 China
  • Phone: +86-21-6469 8127
  • E-mail: info@freemen.sh.cn
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    Suite 22G, Shanghai Industrial Investment Bldg, 18 Caoxi Rd(N), Shanghai 200030 China